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Pet Dentistry at Tellico Bay Animal Hospital

It’s just as essential for dogs and cats to see a dentist on a regular basis as it is for humans. The oral health of your pet is linked to their general wellness.

Pet Services

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We are dedicated to improving the quality and longevity of your pets’ life at Tellico Bay Animal Hospital. We place a premium on dental health since the mouth and teeth are so critical for overall health.

Our methodical approach allows us to best satisfy our patients’ dental needs while also personalizing their care to the wishes of their families. Our range of services, which includes everything from periodontal prophylaxis to root canals, crowns, oral surgery, and orthodontics, is likely to meet any requirement. We are a full-service facility with a cutting-edge diagnostic laboratory.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, as they say. Your companion’s greatest chance of avoiding periodontal disease and tooth loss is to have a professional dental cleaning once a year. Between expert dental cleaning operations, we also encourage you to play an active role in maintaining your companion’s dental health. This allows you to become familiar with their mouth so that you can see abnormalities like broken, loose, or discolored teeth, bleeding gums, or oral malignancies early on. Every animal deserves a healthy, pain-free mouth, and we’ll work with you to ensure that yours does as well.
Diagnoses can be made quickly and accurately with digital intraoral X-rays. X-rays, like a dentist visit, assist the doctor in diagnosing abnormalities that may be buried beyond the gum line. Non-vital (dead) teeth are frequently identified using x-rays. X-rays also reveal infected teeth and the extent of bone loss. X-rays aid in the evaluation of extraction sites and bone quality by the doctor.

Advanced procedures such as root canal therapy may help your pet have a lifetime of healthy smiles and normal oral function. Veterinary dentistry specialists also have the training to provide dental care for patients with heart murmurs, kidney illness, or cancer that general practice veterinarians may be hesitant to put under anesthesia due to coexisting conditions such as heart murmurs, kidney disease, or cancer.