Services at Tellico Bay Animal Hospital

Our caring staff provides a variety of services to you and your pet. We want your pet happy and healthy, and Tellico Bay Animal Hospital can help.

Vet Services in Vonore, TN

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Pet Wellness Care

Tellico Bay Animal Hospital offers a wide range of wellness services to help our patients maintain good health for the rest of their lives.

Pet Surgery

We provide surgical solutions in a clean and safe atmosphere. Most importantly, throughout the operation, our veterinary team can keep a close eye on each animal’s vital signs.

Pet Dentistry

It’s just as essential for dogs and cats to see a dentist on a regular basis as it is for humans. The oral health of your pet is linked to their general wellness.

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Pet Digital Radiology

We can now manipulate the digital images that we take off a pet to understand what is wrong, thanks to advancements in digital X-ray technology.

Pet Orthopedic

Please contact us if your pet is limping or has just been diagnosed as requiring orthopedic surgery to assist restore mobility.