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Please contact us if your pet is limping or has just been diagnosed as requiring orthopedic surgery to assist restore mobility.

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Pet TPLO Procedures in Vonore

A cranial cruciate ligament or CCL tear is a common knee injury in dogs. Similar to the ACL in humans, when a dog suffers a CCL tear, the injury causes pain and most pets are unable to walk normally. If left untreated, the result is further joint damage, pain, and osteoarthritis.

The most significant advancement in the treatment of CCL tears has been the Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy surgery or TPLO. In the majority of canine CCL injuries, TPLO is the ideal treatment with minimal complications and a relatively quick return to comfortable, full activity. Almost all dogs undergoing TPLO can safely and comfortably return home on the day of surgery.

Tibial plateau leveling osteotomy helps restore joint biomechanics by altering the joint’s ”sliding motion”. The downward, backward sliding motion of the femur or the “thigh bone” is eliminated following surgery resulting in joint stability.

Your dog will go home following the completion of the procedure. Most patients are able to walk within 24 hours.

  • At 2 weeks postoperatively, most patients are able to bear moderate, if not all, weight.
  • By 8 weeks most dogs will no longer limp.
  • Most patients can return to normal activity within 4 months with only the most stressful activities restricted.
  • At 6 months postoperatively, patients can resume full physical activity,
  • It is important during the recovery period to give all medications and restrict activity as directed.

The surgical repair of bones or joints is referred to as orthopedic surgery. For orthopedic consultations, a referral from your primary veterinarian is advised but not required. The goal of orthopedic surgery for your pet is to restore his or her limb to a normal or near-normal state. Tellico Bay Animal Hospital is dedicated to doing everything we can to prepare you and make the surgery go as smoothly as possible for you and your pet.