Pet Services

Pet Wellness at Tellico Bay Animal Hospital

Tellico Bay Animal Hospital offers a wide range of wellness services to help our patients maintain good health for the rest of their lives.

Pet Services

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Why is it so vital to have a health exam for your pet?

By examining your pet on a regular basis, we can rapidly spot any medical issues before they become more significant and costly problems. We can intervene in the early stages of illness and disease, greatly improving the chances of a positive outcome. Early identification and disease prevention through wellness care may help your pet live longer and have a better quality of life.
Another important aspect of our wellness services, and something that sets us apart from other clinics in the area, is our dedication to client education. We believe that as your pet’s guardian, you are also its most powerful champion and most trustworthy partner. We want to make you an active partner in your pet’s health care in all we do. We want to empower you with all of the knowledge, training, and assistance you need to keep your loved one happy and healthy between vet appointments throughout the year.

Our veterinarians and support staff appreciate spending time getting to know you and your pet. We are better able to provide your companion with the best possible opportunity of living a long and happy life because of this trust and familiarity. We believe in going above and beyond for your pet. Quality health care, according to our staff, begins with a strong foundation of wellness treatment.